About Us

Our Development Story

As Inoxport, our business life started in 2003 with the trade of solar water heating systems in the retail sector in Turkey. By importing stainless steel, which is the raw material of our products, from Spain in 2017, we stepped into international stainless steel trade. We started to purchase our own stainless steel needs, and by strengthening of our supply chain in the following years, we were able to meet the stainless steel raw material needs of the Turkish domestic market.

Over the years, we have also started to provide stainless steel sizing and slitting services to Europe and the Middle East from our service centers in Istanbul and Izmit, one of the world trade centers.

Today, Inoxport is making its way to become a global company with its reliability, strong supply chain and service centers.

Company Description

Mission Statement

Inoxport is an international stainless steel trading company and also serves as a service center.

Our aim is to bring the risks brought by international trade to zero point with our reliable supply chain, to understand the customer's needs and to deliver the right product to the right customer, to help our customers manage their time costs by managing their import processes, to manage possible commercial risks and political risks in international trade, etc. By Eliminating these problems by establishing a bridge between the buyer.

With its professionalism and reliability, Inoxport will be an indispensable international stainless steel company for both its suppliers and customers.

Our purposes

Performing the process management of imports and exports by realizing the demand and supply of buyers and sellers, reducing production inputs and stock costs by ensuring that our buyers purchase the highest quality products with minimum cost,

Service Center: To provide special service to the customer's demand, to load on time, to provide high quality service to the customer, to meet then demands of our customers with our full capacity stocks.

Our Vision

The contionus development of technology will pose risks to future businesses. Inoxport is to be a global international stainless steel trading company that brings together worldwide suppliers and buyers worldwide with its proactive approach without any problems. In addition, by establishing Inoxport Academy, it will contribute to the personal-professional development of its employees with training opportunities such as coaching trainings, sales trainings, stress management, customer relations, communication training, motivation, etc. İn this way it will make a difference in the international stainless steel trade.